Local viewpoints

Collectible landscapes

The Haut-Saint-François region features a Scenic Sheds Circuit located on a site selected for its landscape. Each scenic view is unique through its featured topography and the history of its location. Like dormers over the scenery, sheds feature as many viewpoints from the outside as the inside, where the events and historical figures who defined the region’s cultural, economical, and political development are showcased. We invite you to discover them one by one, at your own pace. Take the time to stop between each of them to better discover all of the local viewpoints between the mountains and valleys while meeting locals and discovering their best-kept secrets.


of the scenery

The scenic sheds were positioned based on specific scenic assessment criteria.


of the location

Each shed tells a unique story based on its location.


of the locals

The sheds act as a meeting point between visitors and people from the community.

What’s a shed?

A shed is a small structure inspired from the shelters scattered across the Haut-Saint-François territory in olden days. These simplistic buildings were characterized by their lean-to roof (single-pitch) and were mainly used to store agricultural equipment. The name “shed” is still used today in the context of a garden shed, and some even turn them into a meeting place to gather among friends.

Some sheds are more modestly constructed to limit their footprint on the territory. All the scenic sheds are entirely made of hemlock wood and designed specifically based on their location. They were all conceived and built by local firms with the support of local communities and jointly funded by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and the Centre local de développement (CLD) du Haut-Saint-François.

A local initiative

The scenic sheds project is a local initiative bringing together several municipalities of the Haut-Saint-François region. Most of them stand on public property. The historic events and artists showcased through the scenic sheds are the result of a collaboration with the residents of each municipality. When you get to the site, don’t hesitate to talk with the people you meet. They will tell you about their shed and also reveal the region’s secrets.